DXF File Identification with C# for CNC Engraving Machine System

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This paper researches the main technology of open CNC engraving machine, the DXF identification technology. Agraphic information extraction method is proposed. By this method, the graphic information in DXF file can be identified and transformed into bottom motion controller’s code. So the engraving machine can achieve trajectory tracking. Then the open CNC engraving machine system is developed with C#. At last, the method is validated on a three axes motion experiment platform. The result shows that this method can efficiently identify the graphic information including line, circle, arc etc. in DXF file and the CNC engraving machine can be controlled well.

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Yang, H. and Yan, J. (2015) DXF File Identification with C# for CNC Engraving Machine System. Intelligent Control and Automation, 6, 20-28. doi: 10.4236/ica.2015.61003.


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DXF File Identification with C# for CNC Engraving Machine System”的一个响应

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