Strategic Trial to Find Aging Face Print

Background: Wrinkling of face is a common feature of aging and each individual could have his own feature of disease. Objective: To categorize the wrinkles of each individual in order to find the characteristic picture of each individual aiming to find so called a print of aging. Patients and Methods: An observational study was done on 1011 cases their ages more than 30 years. 679 subjects (67.2%) were males and 332 (32.8%) were females. Their ages ranged between 30 – 86 years. Cases attended Department of Dermatology/Baghdad Teaching Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq in period from April 2012 to April 2013. The distribution and the types and of wrinkling were mapped in all individuals. Regional variations including forehead, glabellae, periorbital, nasolabial, perioral and sides of the face were well studied. Results: Forehead horizontal pattern were presented in 860 (85%) subjects, forehead vertical pattern in 84 (8.3%), glabella horizontal pattern in 705 (69.7%) and glabella vertical in 698 (69%). Periorbital pattern was presented in 885 (87.5%) subjects and nasolabial angle in 540 (53.4%). Glabella vertical and horizontal patters were significantly more in males than females. Also, the males were significantly more affected by periorbital and nasolabial folds. Conclusion: Each individual or group of individual has characteristic morphological pattern of wrinkling that start early in life and becomes mature often with time and this pattern might deserve the name of a print.

来源: Strategic Trial to Find Aging Face Print



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