Self-Medication Practice among Pharmacists in UAE

Objectives: The purpose of this study was to determine the incidence of self-medication behavior among practicing pharmacists in UAE. Methods: This anonymous questionnaire-based study was conducted between October and December 2014, using a prepiloted questionnaire. The questionnaire was distributed to a total of 168 pharmacists. Data were analyzed using SPSS and results were expressed as number of respondents and percentage of total participants. Results: The questionnaire was completed by 149 pharmacists, and response rate was 89% with 53% of respondents being Arabs. Out of the 149 pharmacists respondents, 71 (47.7%) are males, and 78 (52.3%) are females. The mean age among pharmacists was 28. Large number of pharmacists practiced self-medication (96.6%). The majority obtained their medication from pharmacies (92.6%). Most respondents were aware of bacterial resistance and the concept of rational drug use. However, 69 (43%) of pharmacists had used antibiotics without consultation in the past year. The main reasons for self-medication were that their health problem is not serious (42%) and their knowledge on drugs and diseases helps (31%). Reasons against self-medication included risk of misdiagnosis of illness and risk of adverse effects. Pharmacists tended to seek medical consultation mostly in case of symptoms lasting for more than one week or when symptoms were worsening. Discussion: The frequency of self-medication among pharmacists is high. The professional exposure to drugs and knowledge of illness and treatment choice remains the fundamental contributors to self-medication practice among pharmacists. Interventions to promote rational self-medication among practicing pharmacists are required and pharmacists must be encouraged to enter the patient role.

来源: Self-Medication Practice among Pharmacists in UAE



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