Real Magnetic Charges in the Substance, Ferrogravitation and Technical Levitation

Experimental and theoretical investigations by author of the present article (period: 1968-2013) have shown that the magnetic spinor particles (magnetic charges) are real structural components of atoms and substance and are immediate sources of all magnetic fields in Nature. Joint orbital currents of electric and magnetic charges within atomic shells are the natural sources of gravitational field which is a vortex electromagnetic field. The vector character of the elementary gravitational field is similar to the vortex magnetic field that allows entering in the submission of such fundamental states of the gravitational field, as a paragravitation and ferrogravitation. Physical masses (atoms, nucleons, substance, etc.), which emit ferrogravitational field are repelled off from sources paragravitational field, for example, from Earth. It is a manifestation of the effect of levitation, which was discovered by the author of this article. Technical forces levitation, that induced by technical ferrogravitational fields, could be used in transport, lifting and space technology, power engineering and many other areas of human activity. The main reasons that real magnetic charges are “buried alive” in modern theoretical notions are as physics their of confinement in the structures of atoms and substance which are radically different from the confinement of electrons so and fallacious electromagnetic concept Maxwell in which the magnetic field is by mistake deprived of its own source of the magnetic pole or of the magnetic charge.

来源: Real Magnetic Charges in the Substance, Ferrogravitation and Technical Levitation



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