The Gestalt Approach to Social Network Used by Generation X Parents

Studies on processes of subjectivation have shown changes in the way of individuals’ interaction and interpersonal relations due to the use of new computer and communication technologies. Such attitudes demand abilities and competences that parents between age of 40 and 55, contrary to their children, do not always find it easy to learn; thereby, we aim to find how those parents understand the uses and meanings of the social networks. This is a qualitative research in psychology directed by a gestalt perspective, by Sander’s phenomenological method. The research was approved by the ethics committee of Federal University of Pará. Semi-structured interviews were carried out with 6 parents chosen by the snow ball method. The data analysis consisted of a dialogue with references on the subjective effects of use of technologies. It is observed, among the results, that parents have used the social network to relate with their children and to work. It is concluded that, even though they have a limited knowledge of the technology, the informants use the social networks as a tool to find friends, for social interaction and prevention against urban violence and personal safety.

来源: The Gestalt Approach to Social Network Used by Generation X Parents



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