Urologic Pathologies of Child at Ouagadougou

Introduction: Urologic pathologies of children are frequent. Urinary apparatus diseases occupy the third position after those of respiratory and digestive tracts in children. Objectives: The objective of this study was to investigate epidemiologic, diagnostic, and therapeutic aspects of urologic pathologies of children in our hospital. Patients and Methods: This work is a descriptive and retrospective study from January 1st 2005 to December, 31st 2012 on children from 0 to 15 years old admitted and treated in Teaching Pediatric Hospital Charles de Gaulle for a urologic pathology. Results: In total, 711 patients had been registered with 7.3 sex-ratio, an average age of 4 years old (0 – 15 years old). Malformative pathologies were represented by the majority (62.7%). They were mainly composed of peritoneovaginal canal pathology, posterior urethra valves (PUV), and Pyeloureteral junction anomaly (PUJA). Urolithiasis, infectious, and tumoural pathologies were second, third and fourth with 19.4%, 7.6% and 5.8% respectively. Surgical treatment was necessary for 83.2% of patients. A total nephrectomy has been realized in 5 cases for PUJA with mute kidney. Some post-operative complications have been observed in 2.6% of operated patients. The global mortality rate was 2.9% with Wilms’ tumor predominance in aetiology (58.8%). Conclusion: Urologic pathologies of children are dominated by urogenital malformations. The decreasing of their lethality is guided by a MU antenatal diagnosis and a personal qualification to improve the diagnosis and the treatment.

来源: Urologic Pathologies of Child at Ouagadougou



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