A Review of Crop Growth Simulation Models as Tools for Agricultural Meteorology

The Earth’s land resources are finite, whereas the number of people that the land must support increases rapidly, this situation has been a great concern in the area of agriculture. Crop production must be increased to meet the rapidly growing food demands through sophisticated agricultural processes, while it is important to protect other natural resources and the environment. New agricultural research is needed to provide additional information to farmers, policy makers and other decision makers on how to accomplish sustainable agriculture over the wide variations in climate change around the world. Therefore many researchers have over the years shown interest in finding ways to estimate the yield of crops before harvest. This paper reviews some of the crop growth models that have been successfully developed and used over time. The applications of crop growth models in agricultural meteorology, the role that climate changes play in these models and few of the successfully used crop models in agro-meteorology are also discussed in detail.

来源: A Review of Crop Growth Simulation Models as Tools for Agricultural Meteorology



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